Time Management 101: Work Smarter

Student having problems with his time management

We all know people who are able to achieve a great deal in a 24 hour period while others, at the end of a day, wonder why they have accomplished so little. I know most of us are aware of the importance of time management for achieving our goals. However, for many it can be an elusive process, especially when there are so many things to distract us like email, social media and even academic distractions like reading journal articles that are not essential for the task at hand. However, scheduling your time wisely will help you complete the tasks that are urgent in a timely manner and then you can enjoy your social time and read those journal articles without feeling the stress of a looming deadline. It’s all about learning to work smarter.

Time management involves organizing and setting limits on the time you spend working on designated tasks and activities. This first involves prioritizing your activities by mapping out and ordering those activities from the most important to the least important. Make sure you create a visual for this. You can do this using something as simple a physical day planner or a digital one, utilizing the built-in calendar on your computer. You may prefer to use mind maps, which are also useful for organizing and planning your tasks. Let’s take a few minutes to get some help from the experts. View the University of Oxford time management video, which provides some wonderful examples and tips to assist you in developing your time management skills. Feel free to download the top tips PDF that was referred to in the video.

In preparation for developing your time management skills, you may find it helpful to get a good sense of how you normally spend your time. You can then analyze this information to help you improve how you organize your time. Learn more about this and other tips from Wellcast. Additionally, visit the University of Oxford supportive resources site and scroll down to the time management section to view an excellent selection of resources that you may find useful.

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