Dyslexics Online was born out of a vision from Paul Grove, a dyslexic doctoral student at the University of Oxford studying higher education students’ experiences of dyslexia and their use of assistive learning technologies. Through his doctoral research and his use of social media, Paul discovered a need for those with dyslexia and other associated learning difficulties to better understand their unique issues and to educate themselves about their disability. By examining the literature and working with students in Oxford and beyond, Paul has identified a wide range of students who experience difficulties at University, including those who are not necessarily associated with a given disability label. With the needs of these students in mind, he developed an idea for an online resource as a means of education, support and engagement.

Paul’s idea was well received by the University of Oxford IT Innovation Seed Fund committee and he was awarded funding for the project. This enabled him to develop the project and bring on a team member, Tracey Denton-Calabrese, also a University of Oxford doctoral student. Tracey is a former teacher and technology curriculum coordinator from Chicago, USA. Like Paul, she has a passion for helping students succeed and she assists with the development of content for the site.

The main focus of Dyslexics Online is to educate, support, inspire, and engage. We want to connect with a community of learners and those from the wider community who are interested in developing a deeper understanding of learning difficulties and issues of equality. Additionally, our site will be helpful for those interested in general strategies and resources that benefit a diverse population of students around the world.

Dyslexics Online is on a journey and we want you to join us. We hope our site will stimulate discussion and exchange of ideas in academia as well as in the commercial world and the wider community. We would love to hear from you if you have suggestions, comments or questions. Also, let us know if you would like to share your story with us. We look forward to hearing from you!

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